Walks of Gymea Retreat

Ever since the first moment we discovered this incredible property its been obvious that there is so much more to this place than simply facilities and buildings, and in fact we would argue that its all about the sanctity of the land, the surrounding nature, trees, birds, wildlife AND the adjacent ancient mountain and peaks that creates the Gymea experience, and we as custodians feel compelled to simply support and nurture what was certainly here before we arrived and we are motivated to strive to enhance and stimulate what could be, so that we can leave this incredible place in better shape when we leave…

To that end, we have been walking and exploring the land since we first arrived and its been natural for us to work to remove the weeds, regenerate the bush and nurture and enhance the biodiversity of the land.  We have also been striving to provide access to this land in the form of walking tracks to allow our guests and friends to enjoy what we have.

Below is a map of the roads and walks of Gymea Retreat.  Enjoy! There is now up to 2 or maybe even 3 hours of walks available.  There is about 60 minutes of clearly mark trails, and in particular a loop walk available to be accessed.

You can access this map on your mobile by simply enlarging the map on your screen or by clicking here to access the Walks of Gymea Retreat via google maps on your mobile this way you can navigate the tracks live and see where you are at all times via your mobile.  Note, you will need to turn on your phone’s gps on make this work.  Enjoy 🙂

We hope you enjoy the walks of Gymea Retreat 🙂