Gymea Catering Co-creators

Here is our list of our current Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa catering co-creators.  We believe that the term co-creator is appropriate for these folks as they co-create with us to provide a complete retreat package offering, and they co-create with you (the hosts) in the provision of successful retreat.  Food is such an important part of any retreat, and it’s an honour to share with you our list of Gymea catering co-creators.

Please feel free to contact them (please let them know how you found them) and work out who feels like they will provide you and your guests with the best fit.  We love them all, and that’s why we are so pleased to share their contact details with you… Really…

Veet Cuisine

c:  Veet
t:  Veet:  +61 (403) 800-809

True Nature Cuisine
c: Todd
t: +61 (432) 401 548

Savour World Cuisine
c:  Georgina & Sharmalee
t:  Georgina: +61 (402) 466-970 or Sharmalee: +61 (411) 286-353

Organic Passion
c:  Anthea Amore
t:   Anthea: +61 (422) 383-151

The Whole Food Artists
c:  Carly Tomadin
t:  +61 (432) 679-223
Open Table Catering
c: Ronit
t: +61 2 6684-3013
Passionfruit Catering
c: Nura Tashiri
t: +61 (427) 847-210
Pearl Of The Quarter
c: Shoshannah & Lorne
t: 0412-535-376
Once you have confirmed your dates, please get straight on to booking your catering co-creator, so that you can rest easy in the knowing that you have secured the best fit for your retreat.  We believe that having nourishing sustenance that is in harmony with your retreat is one of the most important elements of any successful retreat.

Please note that you will need a separate agreement with your catering co-creator for the provision of your retreat catering requirements.  We have found that this direct arrangement works best for all involved…

If you have any questions about catering or any other element of the Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa offering, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line on our contact enquire page.