Return To Zero Australia Women’s Retreat, Mar 5-9 2015

Return To Zero Australia Women’s Retreat – Stillborn Mothers Retreat

March 5 – 9, 2015


The Return to Zero Australia Women’s Retreat will take place at a sustainable healing spa located at the base of Wollumbin / Mount Warning in the northern rivers region of New South Wales. This is a holistic healing retreat that will take you through a journey through grief to healing over 5 days/4 nights March 5-9, 2015.

Nurture yourself: This retreat is an opportunity to practice unconditional love for yourself — a gift you are giving yourself, to honor you, your child, and your journey. Come and be taken care of. Let yourself rest. Nurture your body and spirit.

Connect with Your Child: This retreat is a place to share your child’s story and legacy. Many of us fear losing our connection with our children who have passed, and I hope that by taking this time for yourself, you are able to connect with your baby in a meaningful way.

Find Community: It is an essential part of the healing process that you do not feel alone or isolated. You will have the opportunity to make connections in a safe and sacred environment with others who have been through a similar experience of losing a child, whether it be in pregnancy, infancy, or toddlerhood. Feel free to take off the mask you wear every day and be your true self. You will form friendships that will support you and your journey long after the retreat is over.

It’s hard to explain what takes place at this retreat but some have said it’s been spiritually transformative. I do hope that you will join us. If you haven’t already, take a look at our“Testimonials” page to see what others experienced at our previous retreats.

With love,



The area surrounding Mount Warning is a part of Australia is known for its mysterious melting pot of rich volcanic earth, deep green rainforest, breathtaking scenery, shining blue waters, rare Gondwana rainforest, and powerful land and mountains.

Mount Warning is known as one of the most sacred and spiritually significant mountains. Because of its eastern location, Mount Warning is the first place in Australia to see the sun every morning. This is of great significance as the sun is a source of energy and life. This makes Mount Warning a place that life flows from. This life flow is reflected in the water, the mountains, and the land. In everything here you can feel the power and strength of spirit.

We have chosen this location for our holistic healing retreat because of its physical beauty, energy, and spirituality, as well as the luxury accommodations and spa offerings.


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Dr. Kiley Krekorian Hanish and her husband Sean are creators of the film “Return to Zero” which is based on their personal experience of having a stillborn son. It is the first movie to tackle the taboo subject of stillbirth.

Kiley, a doctor of occupational therapy, is also a bereaved mother. As an occupational therapist, she is interested in the transformative aspects of grief, specifically how storytelling, meaningful activities, experiences, and environment contribute to healing.

She lives in Los Angeles with Sean and their two living children. If you have any questions for Kiley about the retreat that are not answered on this page please feel free to email her at



Dr. Ivy Margulies is a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles specializing in maternal mental health, including stillbirth, miscarriage, infertility, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, and newborn loss.

I am delighted that Ivy is returning to join me on this Australian healing retreat. She brings mindfulness, ritual, and sacredness to the retreat, allowing us to deepen our connection to ourselves, our babies, and others in the group.



Carly Marie Dudley is a mother, artist, writer and public speaker from Perth, Western Australia. After the stillbirth of her son, Christian in 2007, Carly founded Project Heal and has inspired people all over the world to heal and live a new wholehearted life after loss through practicing mindfulness and self-care. Since 2008, Carly has created multiple international days for bereaved parents including Bereaved Mother’s Day and Bereaved Father’s Day.

A healing retreat in Australia would not be complete without the lovely Carly Marie. I am excited for her to bring her loving, creative, and healing energy to this group with the art and journaling workshops.

Pic for RTZ 2015 Retreat Kiley_2

Karen Jefferson is a Qualified Registered Australian Counsellor in Queensland, specializing in grief loss and change, including the perinatal and infant bereavement arena. She has worked in a variety of community based services within Australia and New Zealand and is one of the two, contracted Counselor’s for Pregnancy Loss Australia, providing their national support program to the bereaved community of Australia. In Karen’s private practice and role with PLA, she brings much gentle insight and knowledge from her own personal and professional experiences of grief loss and change, which in turn enhances her work as she companions when invited to do so.



Daily meditation and yoga workshops
Special screening of “Return to Zero” and Q&A with Kiley Hanish
Film discussion guide workshop
Prayer flag making workshop with Carly Marie
Affirmation workshop with Carly Marie
Daily small group breakout sessions
Sharing your story workshop
Daily remembering rituals
Walking, Hiking and Exploring the rainforest surrounding Mt. Warning
Relaxing time at the spa and magnesium pool
All nourishing meals and tea times to feed your soul prepared by our private chef


The accommodations are shared double rooms, and each room includes its own shower and toilet. The rooms are equipped with luxury 5-star eco-inner-sprung latex topped single beds. All bedding, manchester, and room furnishings have been carefully selected to meet biodynamic or organic certification standards.


The Gymea Spa provides you with a real opportunity to soak up the beauty, unwind, and relax. At the spa, you can choose from a Sauna, Steam Room, Ozone Hydrotherapy Spa and Magnesium Plunge Pool. The focus at Gymea Spa is moving from the head to the heart. You will be taken on a healing journey imbued with love and nurturing, with a focus on the whole self, including your soul connection.



All of your meals will be prepared by a local private chef, who uses high quality, local and organic ingredients to offer an array of delicious and nutritious options at every meal. At this retreat, people may go through a certain depth of processing, and our goal is to provide food and caring service that is supportive of this.

The chef is able to cater for special needs and dietary requirements, making sure every retreat participant is cared for and looked after so they can relax and enjoy the retreat without any food apprehensions.

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You should plan to arrive on the afternoon of Thursday, March 5th, and depart late morning on Monday, March 9th.

If you can drive, we recommend it – it is less than 2 hours from Brisbane.

f you are flying to attend the retreat, the Gold Coast Airport (Coolangatta) is approximately a 45-minute drive to Gymea. You will not need a car while at the retreat, and I will help arrange a van so that a group can travel from the airport to Gymea together.



The cost to attend the retreat is $1,465 (USD) = approximately $1,682 (AUD).

Payment in full is due by February 9, 2015.

What the price includes:
5 days/4 nights of shared accommodation
All local and organic meals prepared by a private chef
All group activities and workshops

What the price does not include:
Travel to and from the retreat center (Gold Coast).
Any individual healing sessions that might be available, such as massages, body and facial treatments.


We only have space for 30 retreat participants, and reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if you are interested in attending, please make your reservation today!

To secure your place at the retreat, register here.

Cancellation policy: If you have paid in full and cancel before February 9, 2015 you will receive all of your money back minus the $500 deposit. If you cancel after February 9, 2015, you will not receive any money back.


We understand that the cost of the retreat may be prohibitive to some, so we encourage those of you to visit these personal fundraising sites. Nearly 1/3 of our past retreat participants have used a personal fundraising site to attend our retreats. Friends and family are often eager to support you in the healing process, but don’t know how to do so. This can be a great way for them to acknowledge and participate in a meaningful way.

If you have any questions about personal fundraising (also known as crowd funding) in Australia, my colleague has agreed to answer any of your questions. Please email Kiley if you would like her contact information.

Personal Fundraising Sites in Australia:

Thunder Funds

My Cause (look at both flexible and fixed funding options)

In addition, after placing your deposit, establishing a monthly payment plan might work best for you. Please email Kiley if you would like to discuss this in more detail.


yoga10 (2)

Yoga King Products of Queensland is donating a yoga mat to EVERY woman attending the RTZ Australia Women’s Retreat March 5-9! Yoga King Products is a small family owned Brisbane based business that takes pride in providing quality yoga and meditation products at competitive prices.


Pukka Herbs Australia creates delicious organic herbal teas blends, full of flavor and rich in therapeutic benefit. At this retreat, women may go through a certain depth of processing, and our goal is to provide nurturing food and teas to support this process. We want to make sure that every retreat participant is cared for so they can relax, experience healing, and enjoy the retreat to the fullest.


Energy Muse is a Southern California company who is donating healing crystals and stones to each woman at the retreat. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have utilized the power of crystals to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages, thus facilitating the free flow of energy throughout the body.


Our goal is to offer unconditional support for all women who have lost babies no matter what their age, situation, or stage of their grief journey.

Can I be pregnant and still attend?

If I am a mom of a toddler who passed away, can I attend?

If I am a mom who terminated a pregnancy for a medical reasons, can I attend?

Does my baby’s death need to be recent to attend?

Is there an age limit?

Are infants and children allowed?
No. This is an adults-only retreat.

Can men or couples attend this retreat?
No. This retreat is for women only. We are planning to host both mens and couples retreats in the future.

Are my roommates assigned?
If you have any special requests, please write them in the “Additional Comments” section of the registration page. We will try our hardest to meet your expectations, but cannot guarantee anything.

If you have any other questions that have not been answered here please email Kiley