Healing Spa Practitioners

Our Healing Spa practitioners are chosen for their special empathetic qualities… everyone who works for Gymea is in touch with the energetics of life, understand the importance of being in service and have a deep respect for the energy emanating from Wollumbin, Mt Warning.


Paula Cave






Paula is our Healing Spa’s longing standing therapist and is highly sort after local certified massage therapist specialising in relaxation, deep tissue and pregnancy massage, she is also a trained in facial treatments. Paula has been practising Iyengar Yoga for over 30 years. As Uki’s local Yoga teacher she brings to her classes fun, sensitivity and a intuitive eye that comes with her years of dedicated practice.

Justine Christian

Justine started her Wellness journey in 2001 at the Thai Traditional Massage School in Chaiang Mai Thailand. Followed up by a remedial massage course on the Gold Coast. Her expertise and passion lead her into Vinyasa  yoga where she practices daily as a teacher.  She specialises in Thai/Fusion Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Level 2 and Organic Facials.

Her personalised massage techniques are intuitive and flowing. Concentrating on releasing energetic blocks within the body, creating a sense of lightness and release. Her intention is focused throughout the massage and is felt by the recipient on a very deep level.

Christina Cruz

Christina knew from a young age that her hands were her healing tools. This lead to her exploration of the healing arts and has been walking the healing path for 13 years.
Christina was born and raised in New York state and moved to California where she studied at the National Holistic Institute, a prestigious Massage therapy school. She earned a advanced massage therapy diploma in 2001 and continued to practice there before moving to Australia in 2013.

Her practice includes Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Active Release Technique, Swedish, Shiatsu, and Trigger Point Therapy. Each stroke is slower and the pressure is deeper and is concentrated on areas of tension and pain in order to reach the sub-layer of muscles and the fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).
She incorporates movement activating specific muscle groups to encourage prolonged relaxation and unwanted holding patterns, allowing you to gain freedom, ease and grace in your mind and body, as well as deepening experience of self healing .
Christina’s intention is to provide a supportive environment with a compassionate approach to healing.  Christina believes that optimal health is possible when a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states are in balance. She promotes practices such as yoga, dance, self massage and laughter to attain such balance.  Christina also believes that connecting with people, animals and nature is imperative to one’s overall well being.

Asta Godden

From a young age Asta Godden has been interested in healing the body in holistic way.  She has studied Swedish and Remedial massage.  She has also delved into Reiki healing.  She uses her touch to heal in both a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Asta uses a variety of remedial techniques to cater to her client’s needs, such as trigger point therapy, muscle stripping, fascial release and cross fibre friction while also ensuring a deep, relaxing, nurturing touch.

Elias Fisher

Elias Spa Practioners ElaisFisher has more than 20 years of massage experience. Being involved in the fitness industry as an aerobics instructor and Personal trainer, and as a sporting person himself, has led him to study the biomechanics of injury and the postural imbalances created by daily activities that inhabit our physical life.

“Today’s world is busy and we are required to achieve more in less time. More than ever we need healthy alternatives to reduce our stress and anxiety and help us to be more effective for our businesses, family, sporting and social life”.

But the physical is only one aspect of the deeper sense of balance and wellbeing that we need to reconnect with. Elias also helps guide his clients into deep states of relaxation through his innate ability to nurture and the intent to awaken a healing process.