Retreat Venue For Hire

Eco Retreat Venue For Hire:

Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa is a sustainable or eco Residential Retreat Centre and Healing Spa based in Mt Warning – Northern NSW of Australia that is a sustainable Retreat Venue For Hire by hosts or groups.

In short we are committed to promoting practices that contribute positively to the challenge of long term Human Sustainability and to do this we promote the hire and use of our retreat venue by other like minded folks and organisations.

Octagon, setup conference style - LRThe sorts of activities that we are highly motivated to support include mind-body-spirit retreats, wellness and well being retreats, sustainability workshops and retreats, including sustainable architecture, building, land care etc.  We consider that when we undertake a retreat venue for hire agreement with like minded people, that we provide an opportunity to co-create with others to deliver improved outcomes for all parties involved – please see our About section for mission and our vision.

Further to our aspirations to work together in the delivery of transformational retreats, we also have biodynamic growing / farming registration and are focussed on producing food for our household and the residential retreat venue / centre.  We currently have modest farming activities, and they include: citrus and fruit orchard which will be expanded to cover nut and avocados this winter.  We also have chickens for egg production, and we plan to move into chickens and goats for meat production.  We are considering planting cabinet timbers in the next few years.

IMAG1281 Gymea Kookaburra Hut - cropIf you are interested in co-creating with us and feel you would like to explore how you may enter into a retreat venue for hire arrangement, please see our: Host Your Own Retreats section and Retreat Centre Pricing section and please drop us a line via our Enquiry page – we’d love to be provided with an opportunity to discuss our retreat venue for hire approach.

DSC_5251 duck on the pond #gymearetreat-LRFinally, once we have agreed our retreat venue for hire arrangements, finalised dates and timings,  we would be delighted to explore how we might assist you in marketing your retreat in a collaborative manner, utilising our various marketing channels, including Website, Facebook, our mailing list and advertising.  We are by no means marketing professionals, however we are starting to gather friends of Gymea, who are interested in what we are interested in and like to hear about and support what is going on in the retreat and health spa.  we generally offer this kind of marketing support as part of our retreat venue for hire solution, and at no additional cost.  🙂