Yogafit, Arise to Come into Being, Mar 22-25 2019



22nd March to 25th March 2019

Would it appeal to you to come and relax, restore and come into your Being?

  • Enjoy fresh, healthy organic and delicious vegetarian food
  • Enjoy the magnesium outdoor swimming pool,
  • Beautifully appointed yoga space where we’ll practice yoga twice daily to strengthen, create fluidity, to calm – such as restorative and yin yoga, fascia release, meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama. (All levels welcome )
  • Time to map your aspirations,
  • Rainforest walks.
  • Walking Meditation in Silence
  • Space to do your own thing enjoying the grounds of Gymea or retire to your own room.
  • Optional spa time – massage, facial, sauna (I’ll be in touch closer to the retreat to see if you would like to book and pay for a spa session)

The retreat will be a small group with a maximum of 20, as I’d love to spend time with you and connect in this beautiful habitat away from the hustle of city life.

If this sounds like you, don’t wait, you deserve some time out and the joy of living deeply, giving to you, your worth it.  There will also be some lovely surprises over the 3 days come and find out more!

Delicious and Healthy Food

Enjoy fresh organic and fresh local produce food, the menu is Vegetarian delicious and healthy.
We’ll make sure your requirements are taken care of.
– Afternoon tea & Dinner Friday
– Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon tea and Dinner Saturday
– Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon tea and Dinner Sunday
– Breakfast Monday

Pricing and Policies:

Deposit $300 non refundable to secure your place;
Pay in full by 16/11 and receive an Early Bird discount of $100;
All payments to be paid in full by 1/2/19

Option 1: Twin shared room $1097 per person   Option 2: King single room $1247

Bank Details: Pay to Terri Montgomery BSB: 032-094 A/C No: 497009

Inclusions: Accommodation, All meals plus fruit and tea station throughout the retreat, Airport transfers rtn Gold Coast Airport nominated times Arrival 12 and 2pm Departure 11am (daylight saving)

Exclusions: Airfares and travel insurance. See cancellation policy at

Contact Terri Montgomery 0423 138 738 or email:



  • 200hrs Power Living – Duncan Peak, Keenan Crisp, Troy Abraham and Elisha Young Yoga Teacher training
  • 30hrs Power Living – Keenan Crisp Sight of the Soul Retreat Philosophy
  • 60hrs Insight yoga – Sarah Powers Yin Yoga, Buddhist philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation practices
  • 100hrs Adore Yoga – Nikola Ellis & Joan Miller Yoga Therapy
  • 15hrs Yoga Health Collective – Yolanda Hyde
  • 10hrs Ignite Yoga -Tiffany Cruikshank Yoga Medicine
  • 40hrs Samudra School of Living Yoga – Shiva Rae (Prana Vinyasa)
  • 11hrs Mastering the Art of Adjusting – Donna Farhi
  • First Aid & CPR current
  • Marsh Advantage Insurance
  • Full Membership with IYTA – 500hrs

Example of a yoga sequence that I created for Spring targeting

stimulating the Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians, from my

Ananda Bliss ebook see


Liver and Gall bladder poses:

Shoelace pose take legs over each other and align knees; modify by taking one leg out in front as shown – Half Shoelace;

Shoelace arm variations – Eagle arms stretching thoracic spine – upper back, raise the elbows to chin height, shoulders down or hands in front of your heart in Anjali mudra

Shoelace lateral stretch – bend to the side stimulating the Gall bladder line by pulling as you stretch the tissue of your skin and at the same time in shoelace pose your legs are compressing the tissue and bones to stimulate the Liver line as well as the Kidney and Spleen lines.

Bow forward – calming deeper compression also stimulating the urinary bladder line running down your back

Eye of the needle pose (both sides) gentle twist

Heroes pose (modify sit on a block) hands in Anjali mudra in front of the heart

Retreat Feedback:


Thank you for so much for all of the love time and effort that went into this retreat. You did an amazing job.

You have taught me to listen to my body, to accept what is and to believe in myself. I always feel amazing in your energy and loving nature and classes.

I love your passion for yoga and your amazing breadth of knowledge. You also have a beautiful energy that makes me feel good as soon as I get to class.

I have done very little yoga prior to this retreat. I have enjoyed all that I have done this weekend.

I enjoy your classes, building on technique and I like the music in class.

I love your classes.

You are dedicated and passionate about what you do and are en effective teacher that is creative in your classes.

As your teacher: 

I feel safe practicing with you and I love the spirituality and love you bring with you.

You are knowledgeable about the body, mind and spirit connection. You are my friend and have such a caring, loving, informative nature.

Your classes are fabulous learning about the body, muscles and yoga.

Your compassion, strength and loving approach to every student and friend – Gratitude.

I think you are an excellent teacher.

Can’t remember why I chose you to be my teacher, but I’m glad I did!

I was introduced to you by my friend. I love the way you teach. Strong, guiding and supporting classes.

Your warmth, vitality and direction.

Practicing with you is beneficial as I know there is no judgement and I can practice to my own level.

The process of practicing: 

You inspire me to become better and I’m enjoying the challenge.

Amazing, I come out of every class with you feeling revitalised and loved.

I learn so much and you explain the right way to do things which is great.

You take time to explain. I also feel that you are very intuitive.

Enjoyable because you take that extra care of your yogini’s.

I have definitely grown thanks to your support.

Good, progressing with different stances, enjoy flow the most.

I love how your practice is balanced

Very well, learning more every day, hour and minute.

Our daily offering includes:

 7.00 am: Morning yoga
 9.00 am: Healthy Buffet Breakfast
10.00 am: Free time options spa session / massage / walk
12.00 pm:  Delicious Lunch
2.30 pm: Free time options spa session / massage / walk
3.30pm Afternoon tea
4.30 pm: Creative space with Terri (optional) Example: Free Flowing dance, drawing, mastering a yoga pose
6.30 pm: Dinner
8.00 pm: Calm Yoga