Living A Rich & Purposeful Life (LARPL) Retreat ~ Wed May 31st – Sun Jun 4th, 2023

Living A Rich & Purposeful Life Retreat

Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa,
Wednesday May 31st  – Sunday June 4th, 2023


About the LARPL Retreat:

What I’ve realised is that life is about growth, progress and happiness, and I’ve learned that, when a sense that “something is missing” comes along, and the feeling that “there must be more to life” occurs, this is a sign it’s time for some change.  It’s time to mix it up a little, and yet, in my experience, we often don’t know the questions to ask, who to ask for help or even the answers that we seek.

As a result of what I now fondly refer to as my “spectacular midlife crisis”, my whole world was rocked so badly that I was no longer able to function on a day-to-day basis!  The crisis caused me to walk away from a pinnacle moment in my career so I could survive and hopefully workout what was wrong with me…  It was ugly and painful; maybe necessary for my growth at the time, but with what I know now I believe given the same circumstances I could navigate that situation in a much less risky manner and in a fraction of the time it took… Fortunately I found the answers I was seeking, and life today is amazing, we’re thriving, living a blessed life, on purpose and enjoying a life of our choosing.

Since then, I’ve spent the best part of the last 15 years pulling together the understanding, methodologies and tools to build the fundamentals of this retreat, so that others don’t need to go through the long drawn out pain and anguish I endured.  Through the prototyping and coaching processes that I have performed in the past 8 months I am now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you attend the LARPL Retreat with me, that you will experience a deep transformative experience. An experience that has the potential to change your life for the better forever.  With the risk of sounding way too salesy, that’s my guarantee: if you come and put in the necessary work and commitment and you don’t get the realisations and the changes that you need, then I will refund 100% of your investment!  I’m that confident!

I recognise that’s a big promise, and I know that it won’t occur without your full commitment, trust and full participation, and I know that, if you do that, and then follow through with the routines, accountability structures and tools after the programme, you will experience incredible change and motivation to affect your life in the most profound ways.

To live a rich and purposeful life is such a blessing. I know because I do, and I also know that it takes time, dedication and commitment…  That part can only come from you, I can’t manufacture those elements, I can help you to seek the answers you are struggling to find, and provide you with an orientation that will unlock an understanding of the ingredients you require to thrive.  As well as that, I will provide you with the tools to get you on purpose and to stay on track to fulfillment, enrichment and happiness!  Your bit is to be tenacious and fully committed …

First step is to say yes to this programme or to find another way to get the knowledge and the tools you need to move forward in your life….  I can’t help you with that decision, other than to answer all questions you might have about the retreat, and I urge you to contact me with any queries you might have.

Things you need to know before you register:

Dates:  Wednesday May 31st to Sunday June 4th, 2023
Location:  Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa, 128 Bonnydoon Road, Uki, NSW 2484

Retreat Inclusions: 

  • 5 days / 4 night immersive group retreat experience
  • All tuition
  • Exclusive use of the Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa Sustainable Group Retreat Centre
  • On-site accommodation, ensuite rooms and 5-star ecobeds
  • Delicious Organic Vegetarian food – you are going to be well fed, and physically nurtured through this whole process
  • Access to 100 acres of rainforest, walks, nature and creeks
  • Healing Spa Circuit, steam, sauna, jacuzzi and cold magnesium plunge
  • 60-minute relaxation massage with additional options to self soothe and care for yourself
  • Daily Movement Medicine
  • Group sound bath experience
  • Group sessions, working group session, self-contemplation, and journalling
  • Immersion in nature
  • Guided meditations
  • Transformative processes
  • Swims in the resort style magnesium pool
  • The company of other like-minded people journeying to their soul’s agenda
  • And much much more

The LARPL Programme:

Living A Rich & Purposeful Life Retreat Programme:

  1. Intentions and Agreements
  2. Getting SMoT ready, including introductions to Significant Moments of Transition (SMoTs)
  3. The Circle of Enrichment, building life meaning and awareness
  4. Introduction to the secrets of ACCC ~ Alignment, Congruence, Convergence, and Cocreation: Understanding the ACCC life hack
  5. Manifestation Blueprint, engaging with 10-step manifestation process for making purposeful and desirable change happen in our lives
  6. Visualisations including The Land of Plenty
  7. Supporting structures: Routines, Agreements and Accountability Frameworks
  8. Soul Orienteering:_ The Transformational Path Forward – Putting it all together
  9. Group memento
  10. Wrap-up and goodbyes


A word about pricing:  Full disclosure, this is the first time that I will have run this programme in a Group Retreat setting, and although all the materials, processes, experiences have all be designed and tested, participants on the May 31st, 2023 will in effect be my first group retreat and as such I am making a significant offer in terms of a financial incentive for you to come and participate at what is a significantly reduce commercial price.

In return, I will request feedback and an openness to provide video and written testimonials that can be used for sharing and marketing purposes.

  • Normal pricing for this retreat is: $3,997 (Twin Share) $4,497 (King Single)
  • Introductory price: $2,390 (Twin Share) $2,890 (King Single), with an early bird offer of: $1,990 (Twin Share) $2,490 (King Single) when 100% or payment received in February 2023
  • Payment plans are available, and I am enthusiastic to explore special financial circumstances and valuable energetic exchanges in lieu of financial payment

About Stephen:

14 years ago, I had it all. An awesome life, phenomenal wife, two gorgeous kids, amazing house, dream lifestyle!  My work life was incredible, I was performing at the top of my game, Equity Partner in the largest global management consulting firm, leading an exceptionally talented and committed team, serving top tier clients in a most ethical and effective ways possible, making meaningful contributions and change and being rewarded handsomely for it.

And then, at some point, something changed. On the outside everything looked perfect, on the inside I was in a state of turmoil, depressed and discombobulated. Outside, I had it all, AND I knew that something crucial was missing, but I didn’t know what it was.  I searched and couldn’t find anyone that could help me; and I had no idea how to help myself….  I was stumped!

Fast forward to current day, I’m a fit 50 something year old, super happily married, our kids have all but grown up and are both on amazing trajectories. We’ve reinvented ourselves and are thriving, living a blessed life, spending our time and energy on our highly ethical and thriving business, complimented by other acts of Service.

Getting to this point was a huge, amazing, and sometimes character-building journey, with painful learnings along the way. This work is how I’m paying forward my incredible life, and if you are called to join me, it will be my honour to serve you!

Other things including logistics you might want to know before registering:

Logistics & timing:
– Arrival window at Gymea Retreat on Wednesday May 31st is 2 – 4pm
– Departure window on Sunday June 4th is 10AM – 12 noon.
– Gymea Retreat is 35 minutes car ride from the airport so a flight arriving by 1PM will allow you enough time to grab your bags and a drink and be in good time for the shuttle bus to the retreat centre.  Please let us know during registration of you need to be shuttled to and from the retreat center and we will make the appropriate arrangements for retreat guests.

The Monday after the retreat:
We recommend that you take it slow on Monday June 5th and if it’s possible not to work, this will provide you with time and space for your integration and intention process.  Post retreat action and follow-up is key for making your transformation land, and if you go straight back into your busy life, you endanger your investment in yourself as more of a dream, rather than the full potential of a life changing event.  I vote you take the Monday off, why wouldn’t you?

Accommodation options:
You’ve got two accommodation options, a king single in a room on your own, with ensuite, or a Twin Share option and we will pair you up with another person of your gender to share with.  Each room has it’s own shower, basin and toilet.

Early bird pricing:
Early Bird finishes at the end of February 2023, and given I’ve been slack in getting this description up, I’m happy to extend the Early Bird offer for a while longer. If you feel called to do the retreat, then reach out via email or call me, so we can get you squared away for the more affordable pricing…

Wondering if the LARPL Retreat is for you?

The best way for us to access whether the LARPL Retreat is going to serve you to the highest level is to have a short conversation with Stephen.  Please email Stephen on or call on (0418) 863-678


  • To secure your place, we require a non-refundable $500 deposit.  Please don’t pay a deposit until we agree that the LARPL Retreat makes sense for you at this time.  I am offering a 100% money back guarantee and you need to be in a position to undertake your part of your commitments to yourself to live your life of enrichment and purpose.  If you are looking for a transformative experience that is going to provide you with the insights, experiences and tools to put you on course to Living A Rich & Purposeful Life, then this is the retreat for you.  If you are looking for a bit of downtime or a holiday, then there are better options to meet that requirement….! and a quick chat or exchange of messages will help us both to access the suitability of this retreat to meet your needs.
  • Gymea Retreat Pty Ltd
  • BSB: 062-900
  • Account: 1075 7590
  • Description: LARPL, “your surname here”
  • Final payment within 1 month of deposit unless you are “early birding” or “payment planning”

More about Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa:

More about the experience:

A wonderful local chef will provide the most incredibly delicious and nurturing meals.  She will make sure you are not going to feel hungry on this retreat; so you will be able to focus all of your creative energies in the most effective way.

Thank very much for considering joining my retreat and if you decide to join us, I look forward to meeting and serving you in the most incredibly beautiful and transformative environment of Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa.  It’s our retreat centre, this is where we live and it’s a truly beautiful place, nestled in the rainforest in Byron Bay hinterland, just 35 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport, so getting here is also a breeze.

I hope to see you here, numbers are limited, so please be decisive, this offer will not to be repeated.



MB:  (0418) 863-678


What others have to say:


Dr. Liv:

Aged 70, I stepped away from my career and vocation which had been very richly fulfilling as a justice reformer working around the world, particularly in Asia/Pacific. In doing so, I knew that there was more I needed to experience in life, and I did not want to squander the opportunity to further develop as a human being. I was an intersection in my life and needed metamorphosis. So, I grasped the opportunity to participate in Stephen’s Living A Rich & Purposeful Life workshop.

Stephen facilitated this process generously devoting much time experience and expertise. In doing so, he brought his many years of apex-level professional/governmental consulting (as former managing partner of Deloitte’s Federal Government Consulting Practice) with an active concern to engage and integrate at the spiritual level with God (however defined), the universe and our soul’s deepest values.

This multi-dimensional awareness gave this process substantial value and depth for me. In effect, it has given me a re-boot, and some profound insights with which I am continuing to explore my infinite potential. My journey is far from over as I adventure into what promises to be the golden decade.

Dr. Liv Armytage AM,
12.01.2023 ~ 16 days after his LARPL immersion.



Stephen has spent a lifetime actively studying how to be the best version of himself and how to encourage the same in others. His theoretical and experiential journey has led him to this simple and profound program called “Living a Rich and Purposeful Life”. Who does not want to do that? I certainly do.

Working with the “Circle of Enrichment” (CoE) tool has, indeed, illuminated the pathway to such a place for me. As a workaholic, it’s easy for me to focus on the purposeful part, all the while neglecting the full richness that this mortal life has to offer.

The CoE helped me to easily, clearly and deeply assess where my priorities lay and conversely, and perhaps more importantly, where they should lay a little more. My life is infinitely more balanced since observing it and exploring its many dimensions through the self-assessment tool.

Combined with his Manifestation Blueprint, I’ve been able to look at what is preventing me from living life to its very fullest and chart a course towards the life that I want. Helping me to create a vision that I can commit to through small and consistent steps, Stephen has definitely led me to a fuller and richer life than I would have had without his help.

Most importantly, my CoE changes as I do, providing ongoing insight. As a social change leader myself, shepherding my village through the ravages of climate change, I have more to give, both to myself and others thanks to Stephen’s vision.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to make their world and the world of others a better place. Praise be Stephen Armytage and his commitment to raising the capacity of humankind. You are one stellar fella. 🤩

Melanie Bloore
President Resilient Uki, Designer, Mother, Daughter, Wife…



I am 59 years old and reaching a transitional phase of my life, having experienced some health challenges over the past 11 years, I been given the opportunity to look at life from a different lens and re-create my life to what I would love to do, something that I have found challenging due to some patterns and beliefs I have taken on.

I have known Stephen for 4 plus decades and have personally witnessed his transformation from a corporate consultant to re-inventing the life that he would love .  He has thrown himself into this work diligently and developed skills over number of years.  He recently asked me if I would like to be part of his pilot for his newly developed programme LARPL to which I said yes.

We have started the process and I must say that I have already had excellent results.  I love the way he has dispersed every aspect of one’s life to ensure that you are feeling fulfilled in all or most of those aspects.  I am already experiencing some tangible results and looking forward to living my life to its full potential using the valuable tools provided by the LARPL approach.

Jeremy Melder,
Living a normal life purpose filled life with joy




The process of Stephen’s ‘Circle of Enrichment’ was exceptional and has created a deep awareness of the different aspects of my life. It helped me to see what I truly value and what not, which is equally important.

Defining what those aspects mean to me personally was revelatory, and the resulting clarity enabled me to experience more joy and fulfilment in my life. Now, tasks and activities in my day-to-day life are richer and more meaningful because I see how what I do contributes to many aspects of my life and not just one or two. Mountain biking for instance is not just a fun exercise anymore, now it is about nature, community, culture, health, freedom, and personal growth as well.

The Circle of Enrichment has also enabled me to make better decisions about where to put my energies, and to be confident and at peace about those decisions. It is a great tool to enhance your day-to-day life, but also to find your own unique path to a purpose-driven and happy life.
I highly recommend Stephen’s process of the Circle of Enrichment and all that he offers with it, because to me, life is more meaningful, fulfilling and joyous because of it!.

Sebastian Hilbert,
Author, Founder and CEO of Kokoon Retreats


Mid afternoon in late May, the magnesium pool is beckoning ~ it might be a bit chilly.  I hope to see you there….