THRESHOLD – Retreat for Mothers, Dec 1-2, 2019

THRESHOLD – Retreat for Mothers : 1-2 Dec, 2 Day Intensive workshop

An immersive retreat into the depths of womanhood and motherhood to reclaim your power and unleash your highest self.

Honor your Rite of Passage and take back the power that was meant for you, heal your lineage, heal yourself, heal your relationship with the feminine and define your legacy as a woman.

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Why invest time in tracking your journey of motherhood?

…Because Motherhood is one of the single most important rites of passage that we are given as a woman AND you may not have been given the space that was required to CHOOSE the woman you wanted to be when you crossed that Threshold.

What may have happened as a result of not being present to this?

There may be hidden trauma or wounding around your experience of motherhood that is affecting the way you make decisions, run your business, relate to your other family members, your partner, sex life, and SPECIFICALLY, it affects the way you feel about yourself.

Let’s be honest, there are programs for mothers to tap into calmness, and better parenting, and self-care, but there are little to no resources for women to go into the DEPTHS of what it has meant for you to live out one of the most powerful roles of your life- a role that colors the way you do EVERYTHING

THRESHOLD is designed to be a life-changing experience – a fork in the road, when you healed generations of patterns, belief systems, and reclaimed your power to define how you hold this role and how you use it to EMPOWER your entire life.


We will be diving into:

  • The pitfalls of motherhood shame and forging deep self-forgiveness and powerful new stories to invoke confidence and authority in this role
  • Discovering the inner wild-woman that might have become dormant under the responsibility of motherhood
  • Healing family lineage (especially on the mother line), and letting go of hurts and traumas that may be affecting our confidence as mothers and women
  • The massive DIGNITY that mothers are meant to hold and start ILLUMINATING this role by embodying it, rather than diminishing it
  • Personal leadership presence and taking yourself powerfully into the world as woman AND mother- with little division between the two.
  • Deep group coaching to remove blocks and obstacles and belief systems that no longer align with you


You get to walk away with the ability to :

  • Say NO to what you don’t resonate with anymore
  •  Create standards on how you want to show up in all your matriarchal roles
  •  Heal traumas and shame that have created distance between you and your children- and other family (including your partner!)
  •  Deepen into the concept of village and what it means to be truly supported by other women
  •  A deep connection to the elements and how they can mirror and provide everything you need to thrive
  •  A re-defining of that it ACTUALLY means to YOU, to ‘have it all.’


  • A BEAUTIFUL retreat site, surrounded by the healing powers of nature for you to retreat and restore (not to mention a break from the kiddos, and the SILENCE!).
  • Delicious, nutritious meals with organic ingredients and good chi to feed your soul.
  • Guest experts leading exercises to energize you in ways that your body may have long forgotten.
  • An A+ support team of amazing women to hold you in the tender moments and celebrate your wins.
  • Mind-blowing practices, experiences and exercises that will shake up old patterns and systems that are no longer serving you.

An unforgettable sisterhood and experience of motherhood village like you have never experienced before



 Since 2010, Kari Azuma has been blessed to coach board members of influential companies, poets, entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders in the health and wellness sectors.

It wasn’t until suffering from post-partum depression and a full-blown identity crisis after the birth of her son in 2015, that she decided to dedicate her life’s work to coaching mothers on leadership development and overcoming stress and overwhelm through powerful self-realization. She works with mothers through social media, private sessions, her elite group-coaching model, Empowered Mothers Alliance, and her latest love endeavor: Threshold.


 Retreat Schedule


Arrival between 3-5 pm
6:00pm – 7:00pm:  Welcome Dinner
7.15 -9.00 pm:  Retreat Opening


Retreat hours: 9am to 8pm


Retreat hours: 9 am start/ closing at 7pm/ Departure


Retreat Tuition

The Retreat Tuition is $AU 1,885.00 for a shared room, retreat meals and full retreat experience.

Final Applications must be in by November 23rd.

Gymea Resort has only 20 rooms available. They will fill up quickly so it is best to book and grab your spot as soon as possible.



“Through this experience, I am more in alignment with my true self “

Before this program, I lived in my head. I felt prisoner to my anxiety and could no longer recognize the person I saw in the mirror. I felt like a shell of my former self, surviving every day but not living. Not enjoying. Today I breathe. Today I love. Today I experience joy. Today I can say, with sincerity, I love Me! I am conscious about being present and am aware of the stories, patterns and habits that no longer serve me.  -Kristynna

“I look at myself differently in the mirror.. I see beauty where I used to see faults “

When I first met Kari I was looking to improve my career, I thought I had everything else figured out… turns out it was all smoke and mirrors. I felt as though my life had stalled… I was blocked… in a funk that no matter how hard I tried to crawl out of I felt like I was digging deeper and deeper. Kari has brought so much awareness into my life, awareness around the language I use, standards I set around motherhood, relationships and every aspect of my life. She has helped me re-write the stories that have not been serving me and helped me feel in control of my life.  -Brie

“I have the tools necessary to recenter myself and come from a place that honors my commitments. “

Before I began being coached by her, I was in a place of perpetual overwhelm and I was easily agitated and triggered. I knew I had big dreams for myself. And I also knew I had the power within me to have more peace. I was just so unsure how I could get there and I was spinning my wheels wishing on a star! After working with her I learned tools to help me center. She helped me uncover the areas in my life that were not serving me and then powerfully helped me identify how I could overcome them with some incredible tools, and allowed me to see just how powerful I was! -Erin