UNTRAPPED Retreat, March 26-30, 2019


Join us for an unforgettable, life changing experience. Take a deep dive into what it means to live UNTRAPPED. During this 4 day adventure you will immerse yourself in the principles and practices of intuitive, connected embodiment, surrounded and supported by a very special group of anti-diet health professionals.

I have put together an incredible program of workshops and experiences for you with our lovely guides. PLUS there’s plenty of down time for you to rest, sun bake by the pool, read books, book into the day spa for additional treatments, and get to know the other UNTRAPPED retreaters!

This retreat is for UNTRAPPED members who wish to take things further. Those who are not current members of UNTRAPPED and who wish to come along can purchase both the retreat and the UNTRAPPED program membership for a special price*.

Retreat Cost

The retreat cost includes bus transfers back and forth from the Gold Coast airport, all meals and glorious eco-friendly accommodation, a 2 hour spa experience, daily yoga and walks, plus an inspiring program of workshops, experiences and presentations from our team of 9 incredible anti-diet health professionals.

Single room with king sized bed and ensuite: $1800

*If you wish to come to the retreat but you’re not an UNTRAPPED Masterclass member, you can purchase the retreat PLUS an UNTRAPPED membership for an additional $400 (a saving of almost $200!!).

Session Details:

Louise Adams: Welcome session
Settle in, centre yourself with self-compassion meditations and set some intentions for your time here at the retreat. During this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your UNTRAPPED experience so far, and identify where to from here. You’ll also hear your fellow retreaters’ experiences, and begin to build on the power of community.

Shelley Lask: Creating your movement philosophy
During this empowering workshop, you’ll review your current relationship with exercise and moving your body. What is really ‘yours’ and what have you internalised from diet culture? Building on the values you’ve explored in UNTRAPPED, with Shelley’s guidance you’ll explore how to create a seriously embodied movement philosophy. Dive into some fascinating theories and ideas about concepts like power, strength, and endurance, and harness your new knowledge to make lasting changes in how you move your body.

Fiona Willer: Fiercely feminist fireside chat
Over a glass of wine, this session will illuminate the history of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Australia and where and how Health at Every Size and Size Acceptance fits into that history, what we can learn and a reflection of how the work we do today would not be possible if it weren’t for the sacrifices and social and political agitations of our grandmothers, mothers and sisters in women’s liberation movements.

Susan Williams & Meg McClintock: Intuitive eating skills training
In this workshop you’ll have an opportunity to bring the wonderful world of intuitive, connected eating to life – your life! This practical workshop is all about meeting you where you are, answering your questions, and troubleshooting some of the most common issues we can run into when learning intuitive eating. Does permission to eat all foods feel scary and binge inducing? Are you unsure what signals your body is sending, or having trouble honouring them? This workshop is for you! The workshop will be followed by opportunities to hang out with Susan & Meg in the kitchen as they prep our meals, which is an awesome opportunity to observe, pick their brains, and most of all learn how to bring these skills home!

Fiona Willer: Unpacking weight science
Much of what we think we know about body weight is BS. During this session, Fiona will unpack some of the most common misconceptions about weight science, including the assertion that fat is ‘toxic’, and give you the chance to pick her brains about what’s on YOUR mind about the science of body weight.

Janet Lowndes: Talking embodiment
Over a glass of wine, we’ll come together for our first late afternoon chat, where Janet will share her understanding of how we can move our attention from an external focus on body image, to a more internal felt sense experience of embodiment and interception. This will include discussion about the value of practices like Yoga and Meditation to help us live from the inside out, rather than the outside in!

Ashlee Bennett: The Art of Body Acceptance
This workshop focuses on exploring the concept of body acceptance using art therapy practices. During the workshop, you will be guided through a series of experiences designed to assist you in exploring who you are beyond your body, while moving towards making peace with your physical exterior. You will learn creative strategies you can harness throughout the more challenging parts of your continued body acceptance journey, as well as methods for expanded self-expression. You don’t need to be an artist, or even a creative person to benefit from this workshop – it’s for all abilities!

Nicole McDermid: How to unapologetically live an UNTRAPPED life
What does unapologetically living an UNTRAPPED life look like? What is body liberation anyway? How do we break free from the shackles that keep us trapped in diet culture prison? Why is social justice so important in reclaiming the right we have to body autonomy? This workshop will be a brave space; a space for us to share in our collective, righteous anger and pain. It will also be a space where we can grow, expand and empower. All of these questions (plus more!) will be answered by Nicole, as we take a deep dive into the lived experience of what it really means to live your life, UNTRAPPED.

All Fired Up
Over a final glass of wine, we’ll get together to chat through the steps we can all take to protect ourselves from the vagaries of diet culture, and identify if some of us are feeling ready to take a stand on issues which are affecting our lives.

To find out more and register: https://untrappedretreat.carrd.co/