Womb Flower Retreat 5 – 7 July 2013

Beautiful Women,

It is with Great Joy and Heart Pleasure that I present to you, the Womb Flower Retreat. The seed of this Retreat was planted several months ago, when I was initiated into my own Womb Awakening, through a Beautiful Healing Process at a Sacred Woman’s Gathering. During this process, I had a Vision of entering a Cave and in this Cave I was handed many Gifts from the Ancestral Grandmothers. The Gifts were Womb Knowledge and Lore, and I was instructed to bring them to the world, thus the Birth of Womb Flower.

The Womb is the Centre of Woman, and Woman in Clear Alignment with Her Womb, is Deeply Connected and Resourced with the Mysteries of All Creation. A Woman in Deep Communion with Her Womb, is a Woman richly informed by Her Intuitive Wisdom in All Aspects of Her Life. A Woman who can Flow like a River, guided in every moment by the Oracle at the Centre of Her Belly. A Woman who can Truly Express the Essence of Her Being, the Essence of Her Love.

Then in Unification with Her Hearts Passion, Her Love finds its Unique Path of Service, its Divine Destiny to Be Expressed in the World.

My Offering to you Divine Women, is to Journey together to the Depths of Our Centre, the Source of Our Feminine Mysteries. Purifying, Healing, Aligning and Integrating Our Womb, and thus Our Selves, into Greater Wholeness. Then Unifying Our Heart and Womb, allowing Our Deepest Essence, Our True Calling, to Unfurl and Blossum into Being.

This Womb Flower Retreat is being held on Sacred Land, the Feminine Aspect, the Womb of the Sacred Wollumbin Mountain.

In the Absolute Joy of Feminine Sharing, Deep Healing, Creativity, Body Movement, Spa and Sauna, Exquisite Food and Natures Grace, we will Journey.

In Joyous Anticipation, I look forward to Spiralling into Our Depths Together.

In Love, Faith and Grace.

Tara Zhinu


Hear the Calling Sacred Women,

The Drums are Beating the Sacred Rhythms of the Return of the Feminine Womb Way. We have waited in Patience and in Love for this moment in Time, The Time for our Wombs to Flower. Journey deep along the Spiral into the Centre of the Universe, the Void of Creation, the Essence of All That Is Reclaim the Magic of the Mysteries, teaching the Divine Feminine Arts of Love, Power and Wisdom Blessing to You All

Hear the Call, in the Ancient Emerald Rainforest of Wollumbin, lies with Sacred Intent, Gymea Eco Retreat. This beautiful Temple is designed to Nurture the Soul, Transform the Spirit and Open the Heart. It is here, Beautiful Women, we will embark upon our Odyssey to Our own Mystical Soul in the Womb Flower Retreat.

Held by the Feminine Ancestors of this Sacred Mountain, We will follow the Spiral deep down into Her Molten Core. Here we will find our own Passionate Fire, then dance it into Expression through the Grace of our Goddess Hearts.

Through Beautifully Orchestrated Healing and Creative Processes we will Commune with our Deepest Knowing, Unfurling and Flowering in Our Unique Feminine Wisdom Expression. In Love, Power and Wisdom, Let us Begin the Journey Within.

Lovingly facilitated by Tara Zhinu, a Healer of Profound Sensitivity, Passionate about the Sacred Soul Flourishing of All those who Journey with Her.

What:  Womb Flower Retreat
Where:  Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa, Uki
When:  11am Friday 5th to 3.30pm Sunday 7th July

Offering: $1288 inclusive of Eco Accommodation and All Divine Meals
Payment Plans are Available

For Enquiries or to Book your Blessed Space in the Womb Flower Retreat please contact Tara Zhinu on
0404 406 504 or emeraldlotusgoddess@gmail.com