Esoteric Healing & Massage, Energetic Facial Release

Esoteric Healing supports you to re-connect with that which lies deep within, the natural essence of who you are. When you re-connect to this deeper place, everything in life and all it’s challenges look and feel differently, a natural simplicity returns and a way forward becomes clear. This process happens naturally, as what is not you starts to lift away; the traumas, the emotions, the reactions, the deeply held hurts. Without these things taking up that space within you, you are able to be more full of you and with this comes a lighter way of being and an ease of moving the body once again.

It is not just the space created by the session that brings or allows for the healing but how you live in between each session in every way with your own commitment to your healing. Sessions can be a one-off, deeply nurturing experience of you & for you, or can be committed to through a program of healing directly focussed on what you require support with.