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Please Note:
As of 1 July 2021, Gymea Healing Spa will only be available to retreat guests.

(and therefore no longer issuing gift vouchers).


The Journey of the Healing Spa

Our beautiful Healing Spa is nestled in a green, rich, rainforest valley.

On arrival, you will follow the gently meandering pathway, breathing in nature’s goodness, as you start connecting with the energy of tranquility and healing which exudes from Mt Wollumbin.  Surrounded by crystals and geometric sculptures, the land will welcome you.

Inside the spa, your journey will continue, as you are met with our caring staff who will guide you through.  Detox and relax in our gentle pine sauna to warm and completely melt your cares away. Wander into our sensory essential oil infused steam room which deeply cleanses the skin and assists your body to eliminate toxins as you exhale into bliss.  Your journey continues outside where organic herbal teas await you in leafy surrounds.  Dip into the magnesium plunge pool for a holistic water therapy; a perfect contrast of hot and cold to lower inflammation in the body. Then finally, sink into our ozone Jacuzzi and watch your worries float away for 2 hours prior to any of these treatments below.


Healing Spa Circuit           | 2 hours $60 |

Water therapy circuit for detoxification and rejuvenation. 

The Healing Spa Circuit consists of:

  • gentle pine sauna: to warm and relax your muscles and your being
  • essential oil infused steam room: which deeply cleanses the skin, assists your body to eliminate toxins and clears the respiratory system
  • magnesium plunge pool: to dip in for a perfect contrast of hot and cold to lower inflammation in the body. Then finally,
  • ozone jacuzzisink in and watch your worries float away


Healing Massages

**NEW** KaHuna massage

KaHuna massage is a deep and rhythmical massage that indulges all the senses. The rhythm is intensely relaxing and works gently but deeply into the muscles using continuous flowing strokes.

60 mins $135          


Magnesium Massage         

Magnesium Massage is excellent for muscle health, migraine headaches, PMT and anxiety. 
A massage to support your body to a healthy state.

60 mins $125          | with 2hr Healing Spa Circuit $155 |   
90 mins $170         | with 2hr Healing Spa Circuit $200|


Relaxation Journey Massage                      

Release and relax with a light to medium pressure giving you a total sense of wellbeing.

60 mins $120            | with 2hr Healing Spa Circuit $150 |       
90 mins $165            | with 2hr Healing Spa Circuit $200 |


Remedial Massage                   

A deeper massage working on tired and painful muscles, tailored to your specific areas.
Skilled techniques will encourage complete calmness of the mind and body.

60 mins $120            | with 2hr Healing Spa Circuit $150 |       
90 mins $165            | with 2hr Healing Spa Circuit $200 |


Mum-to-Be Dream Journey                       

Allow us to nurture, pamper and deeply care for you through this special stage. Safe in the loving hands of our expertly trained pregnancy massage therapists, surrender your aches and tension through a whole body massage with organic oil.

60 mins $120


Organic Facials

Radiance Bioactive Energy Facial

This luxurious treatment is designed to promote youthful radiance at any age. Your face, neck and décolletage are deeply cleansed and refined, in preparation to be infused with layer upon layer of certified organic, nutrient rich, energy imbued® essential oils, extracts and bio-actives such as vitamins, minerals, omegas, antioxidants which boost skin cell renewal, increase collagen and elastin, tone, firm, brighten pigmentation and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. Ultrasonic Beauty Wands are used to deeply energise your complexion. Includes a shoulder, hand and foot massage. Products by Synthesis are made in the foothills of Mt Wollumbin and are organic, vegan and made only from nature’s purest ingredients.

60 mins $120            | with 2hr Healing Spa Circuit $160 |  


Spa Packages

All You Need Is Love          

Blending our two most popular treatments, a 60 min Relaxation Journey massage and a 30 min Organic Radiance Facial. Includes a deep pore, double Cleanse, energizing & revitalizing Hydration, Collagen boosting Replenish and Soothe Creme with Vanilla & Chamomile.  Bestow vitality protection and hydration to your skin using precious oils of rose otto, jasmine, sandalwood and neroli. Allow yourself to relax and release as this treatment nurtures your whole energy field and gifts countless benefits to the skin and wellbeing.

3.5 hrs $240      | includes 2hr Healing Spa Circuit | 


Signature Body Wrap    

This signature treatment includes a salt body exfoliation, body wrap, scalp massage, warm coconut hair mask & face massage.  Aromatherapy infused warm oil is massaged into the body, followed by a deeply cleansing exfoliation with sea salt scrub which boosts your lymphatic system whist leaving your skin smooth and soft.  You are then cocooned our gently warming body wraps. Our wraps are created with creamy coconut cream (soothing, antioxidant & anti-aging) and Australian bentonite clay (detoxifying & re-mineralizing).  The process is designed to comfortably raise your body’s temperature and help oxygen flow and eliminate toxins. Absolute tranquility is achieved with a mind-calming hair & scalp massage with an enriching coconut hair mask, followed by a face massage, leaving your whole body looking and feeling refreshed and renewed.

60 mins $150    | with 2hr Healing Spa Circuit $190 |  


Enhancements (booked in conjunction with other treatments)

Hair & Scalp Massage             30 min                         $80    
Foot Scrub & Massage            30 min                         $80    
Massage                                    30 min                         $80
Aroma Massage                       30 min                         $80      
Australian Bush Flower Remedies   $15 per remedy


Exclusive Group Healing Spa Circuit

We create the perfect spa experience for your hens’ party, birthday party, or just a special time to enjoy a relaxing time with your friends.  You can come and unwind and experience our 2 hour Healing Spa Circuit, where you can enjoy our Healing Spa Circuit which consists of our Sauna, essential oil infused Steam Room with cold shower for the ultimate water therapy, Magnesium Plunge Pool under blue skies and the outdoor Ozone Jacuzzi amongst a ferny glade. 8 to 16 guests maximum.

2 hrs $400 for up to 8 people (+$50 per extra person – 16 max)

Gift Vouchers are NOT available for purchase at this time.

As the Healing Spa is not officially open at this time Gift Vouchers are not available.


All By Appointment Only for retreat guests.

Please contact us on  email  spa@gymearetreat.com.au

Or leave us a message on:  (02) 6679-5555  

Pricing from July 1, 2021