Bloom Retreat, January 30th – February 3rd, 2014

Bloom is a holistic health and empowerment program for women. The program will teach, inspire and help people design the lives they want and deserve. It is designed for those who are looking for answers surrounding their vitality, their state and emotions, and how to heal, care and connect with their body inside and out. It will teach you to discover and understand the interconnectedness between your thoughts, your feelings and your actions and how to shape your living.

Bloom is a unique experience intended specifically to save women the time, pain and energy of searching for answers when it comes to their wellbeing. We have brought together a collection of powerful, inspiring teachers and experts to share their knowledge and experience to help you create a lasting change in your life.

It’s so much more than a rejuvenating, luxurious get away; it’s about taking action for your life, your health and your vitality. You will leave Bloom with complete confidence in your ability to take your life to the next level, and the belief that happiness and health are no longer just a desire, but a reality.

If you are ready to take control of your life, for the rest of your life, come and join us in paradise for an experience that will remove your limits and help you to create an extraordinary life.

At Bloom, you’ll experience:

  • A powerful schedule of physical and emotional conditioning that will enable you to eliminate stress and anxiety from your life.
  • A rejuvenating and revitalizing juice and wholefood diet to cleanse and detoxify your system allowing energy for learning, relaxing and rebooting your mind and body.
  • Concrete strategies and tools from experts in emotional mastery and peak performance who will help you understand human needs and how to take control of your life.
  • A mix of daily yoga, tai chi and meditation with some of the most experienced and passionate teachers in Australia to instill balance, strength and focus in your everyday life.
  • Guidance and education about our blueprints, psychology, energy, needs wants and drives.
  • Raw food cooking classes to educate you about the simplicity and goodness of nutritious food.
  •  Relaxation massages, mineralization and plunge pools to rejuvenate your body, body scrub, saunas and spas to assist in the detoxification process and clear your mind to open up to new experiences and enlightenment.
  • Rainforest walks and nature meditation to get you back in touch with yourself in the healing surrounds of the environment.
  • Passionate experts who have mastered control of their body and mind to teach you the skills to create and experience ultimate vitality.

Bloom is an all-inclusive event, and as part of your experience, you will receive:

  •  Luxurious eco friendly accommodation.
  • 4 days of seminars on various wellness topics from experts including
    • Human behavior and psychology where our belief systems, values, needs and emotional desires are broken down in detail to educate and empower you to re write your life and take control
    • Relationships with food, relationships with self, relationships with others and how these control and determine a large proportion of the quality of our lives
    • Nutrition – BALANCE. How to create ultimate energy easily and sustainably and how it can be used as a form of holistic medicine. Special guests who have used nutrition as a form of supportive adjuvant therapy to heal their cancer, arthritis and auto immune diseases to share their experience.
    •  Meditation, what it is, and how we can use it to reach a controlled state of mind, how when where and why.
    • Yoga, history and purpose in both physical and spiritual growth, discovery and transformation
    • Spiritual energetic and emotional healing and guidance through personal transformation
    •  Spinal health check and teaching for optimal everyday function of the nervous system and body and mind.
    • And so much more…
    • 1 x 45 minute massage (choose your style: detox, relaxation, etc.)
    • 1 x colonic naturopathy services (additional may be possible upon request subject to availability)
    • 1 x specialised nutritional consultation with a specific dietary guidelines tailored to your desired goals by trained experts.
    • Access to the plunge pool, sauna and steam room.
    • Individual flower essence to aid in the emotional and nutritional healing process wherever required.
    • Expression dancing physical session for emotional conditioning, releasing and FUN.
    • 1 x scheduled individual kinesiology sessions.
    • 1 x spinal assessment by a qualified chiropractor.
    • Daily yoga, tai chi and meditation practice.
    • Final goal setting with Board Breaking symbolising the final Bloom breakthrough experience and dispelling of old negative patterns.
    • Unlimited support crew to assist your through the entire Bloom conditioning process and expelling of toxic beliefs and emotions
    • Personal eco-friendly yoga mats, water bottles, diaries and towels.
    • Personal workbook containing the educational tools you will need to continue the learning, healing and revitalization process to ensure lasting results after you leave Bloom.

Awareness of self and surroundings in a fast evolving universe is essential. Bloom is not a quick fix solution; it’s a workshop for life. It will give you the ability to be conscious and aware and from there, will open channels of choice and opportunity. If you’re totally committed to lasting change, if you want the knowledge, the tools, and the total conviction to reach optimum health and wellbeing, then the Bloom experience is for you.

If you’re reading this, then I’m both excited and grateful that you have taken the time to look into this program, because it means you have made a decision to invest in yourself. Bloom is an ultimate experience that will empower and change your life. I will do whatever it takes to help you take your life, health and vitality to the next level; a level that I believe I have found myself, and want to share with you through Bloom.

My absolute love for moving the body and finding ways to live at the peak of my life stems from a background where physical activity was more than just exercise: it was simply a part of being. My entire childhood into early adulthood consisted of travelling for representative sport for QLD for both athletics and women’s soccer. After deciding to dedicate my time to study Radiation Therapy I moved onto more individual and personally challenging and developing exercise such as marathon running and bikram yoga which I practise most days. Exercise was, and still is, my medicine. I believe that when you are healthy, you have the heightened ability to better manage everything else in your life with ease. My deepest passion lies firstly, and most importantly, managing, understand and exercising emotional control.

During my years studying a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science at The University of Newcastle, I also studied certificate III and IV in Personal Training and am a now a Master Trainer with multiple additional certifications and experience in the field. I continued PT whilst working as a full time Radiation Therapist at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in QLD. I specialised in large outdoor women’s group training and support systems. This involved having the responsibility of ensuring over 140 women at any one time are focused, educated about health, nutrition and wellbeing, motivated and physically excelling. This responsibility inspired me to learn more about human behaviour and nutritional lead me to study a Diploma of Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hire nutritionists and naturopaths who taught me about holistic medicine and nutritional healing as well as attend countless workshops and seminars from some of the greatest human psychology experts in the world including Dr Demartini and Anthony Robbins. My experience in teaching about the patterns, belief systems and needs of human behaviour enable me to create lasting change in people in a short period of time, because I emphasise on educating and empowering, not focusing on the problems people think they need to fix. I believe life is such a precious gift and it is my mission to share this with the world.

I understand the importance of getting to the core of a person’s fears, anxieties and limits before they can master the physical and nutritional components of wellness. For me, Bloom is about empowering and educating people to recognise their ability to completely change their quality of life. I have brought together passionate experts striving in their field to ensure you leave with absolute conviction that you have the tools to take control of your health, vitality emotions and create and consistent heightened quality of life.

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