Empowered – A Reconnection to All that I AM

Empowered – A Reconnection to All that I AM, October 27-31, 2014

Running off the conclusion of our Empowered seminar series we proudly host this year’s retreat

Empowered, A reconnection to all that I AM

Empowered to:

  • Take responsibility and control of our life and direction
  • Fulfill our purpose
  • Balance our heart and soul
  • Give permission  to be all that we are.

This retreat is the perfect beginning to your new life as all that you are. In seeking to allow empowerment to emerge in your life, you have allowed  yourself to reconnect and rediscover your truth.

It is the perfect revealing of all of your senses bringing them into a harmonious space.  Music, toning, touch, healing, creating, visualizing, you will be alive to all that you feel!

I AM—All that is

The discovery of this great truth—the deepest connection takes you on an unforgettable  life changing  journey that teaches you to transcend your vibrations transforming your connection to life and all that you are.

Retreat Timing:  11am October  27th – 11am October 31st, 2014

Retreat Venue:  Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa:  Directions


Retreat pricing options:

Retreat guests have a choice of a room on their own, or to share a room with one other participant.  There are advantages for both configuration, the choice is yours:

  • Single room: $1,600
  • Share room: $1,300

Price includes: delicious gourmet healing foods, daily yoga, daily meditation sessions, daily access to the magnesium swimming pool, retreat seminars, massage and healing AND:

a retreat goodie bag.

(Airfares are not included in the price and additional day spa treatments can be purchased by you if scheduling allows.)

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