Regeneration and rejuvenation are the commitment and the core focus of GYMEA eco retreat & spa.  It is our belief that by serving our guests and Mother Nature, in collaboration with other like-minded people and organisations that we will be able to bring about an enlightened evolution to ourselves, others and our world.


The mission of GYMEA Retreat & Spa, Uki is to create a highly influential sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible retreat centre & healing spa that will achieve long-lasting impact on human sustainability through the delivery of world-class sustainable learning and ecotourism experiences in northern New South Wales of Australia.
We aspire to provide an appropriate venue and environment that will assist and motivate others to co-create a sustainable world through engaging people in the realms of possibility.


We are pleased to have received the following industry recognition:


2016 Excellence in Sustainability Award Click here for more…
2014 Most Environmentally Sustainable Business Award for Excellence  Click here for more…
2013 Most Environmentally Sustainable Business Award  Click here for more…

GYMEA values & aspirations

Wallaby - shot taken at Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa

– Honesty, integrity and authenticity in everything that we say and do
– Commitment to providing the best possible sustainable and regenerative retreat experience
– Commitment to regeneration, rejuvenation and enlightened evolution
– Commitment to GYMEA working for all
– Commitment to supporting ourselves and all to achieve our dreams
– Commitment to the creation of a peaceful, harmonious and regenerative world, through engaging in the realm of possibility.

What’s in the name, Gymea?

Gymea LilyWhen we first arrived on this property we walked the grounds with some friends to discover some mature 6m high Gymea Lilies.  Once we understood the significance of these incredible plants we knew that we had found our name sake.  Please find below extracts from Australian Bush Flower Essences that describe the significance of Gymea Lily (Doryanthes excelsa).

Gymea Lily allows a person to draw from its powerful energy and attain the strength to be who they are, and do what they have to do.  It enables them to achieve and fulfil their highest destiny, to find what gives them passion to do.

Birds of Gymea RetreatIf you are different from others in your views and beliefs or are very successful in your life, the Gymea Lily gives you strength to stay in that position and not be affected or pulled down by negative projections from those around you, or from those who may know of you.  Gymea Lily helps you to stay strong and focused on what you know you have to do with such single-minded purposefulness.

It is said that the Gymea Lily is also beneficial for those working with other people by helping to promote an environment that is the opposite of the ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’.  We love the idea of a grove of “Tall Poppies”, where success is celebrated, nurtured, encourage and achieved by all.

What are others saying about their Gymea experiences?

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