Gymea Retreat Testimonials: What others are saying

Gymea Retreat Testimonials:- Check-out what others are saying about their experiences at Gymea Eco Retreat.

The purpose of these Gymea Retreat Testimonials and videos is to share insights and experiences of our various retreat hosts with our current and future guests – enjoy!  Please excuse our evolving expertise at video editing and making skills.  Lucky we are relying on these for our livelihood 🙂

Elisa, Kristina & Lisa, Sana Wellness Centre

This Retreat Testimonial video was taken of Elisa, Kristina & Lisa From Sana Wellness Centre, after completing a 5 day residential retreat at Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa in June 2017

Kiley Hanish, Return To Zero

This Retreat Testimonial video was taken of Kiley Hanish Return To Zero, after completing a 5 day Return to Zero Women’s Healing Retreat at Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa in March 2016.

Alan Clements, World Dharma

This Retreat Testimonial video was taken of Alan Clements, leader of The World Dharma tradition, after completing a 10 day World Dharma residential meditation retreat at Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa

Slow Magazine, article by Kate Veling

Checkout a June 2nd, 2016 article in Slow Magazine by Kate Veling who recently attended Ang Keates and Hollie Bradley’s Seed of Life Yoga Retreat here at Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa.
Link to Slow Magazine Article  Enjoy…

Fiona Cossill

Fiona Cossill, Senior Partner, The Best Practice Business System, May 1st, 2016

Thank you Sonia for all your help and for enabling us to use your amazing Eco-resort for our Entrepreneurial Way Congress this weekend. The setting is divine, the facilities are excellent and the beds so super comfortable which was just what we needed with 2 days of intense mindset learning! We all wish we had another couple of days there to relax and enjoy all of the facilities and services you offer. Highly recommend Gymea for a superb retreat venue and experience!

Tricia Karp,

Tricia Karp, author of “Own It: Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women” after completing her five-night Powerful Speaking Retreat in June 2014.

“I was incredibly privileged to run my Powerful Speaking Retreat for women at Gymea. It was the perfect setting for participants to dive deeply and shift past what had been holding them back when it came to public speaking, and discover the power of their message and voice. Gymea is a special piece of paradise; secluded and quiet, and surrounded by lush rainforest, with stunning views to Mt Warning. Even more though, this special retreat centre is offered and run by people who take great care of their guests, and carry a clear intention for powerful transformation to take place. While I’d run my workshop many times, it was the first time I’d offered it in a retreat setting, which took the work to new  depths beyond my wildest imagination. I attribute that to many things, not least of which Gymea. There’s something magical about the place, and its energy is powerfully healing. My retreat participants loved being there, and left feeling nourished, nurtured, and glowing, all saying the experience had changed their lives. If you’re looking for somewhere to run your next transformational retreat, look no further. Book your space now, while you still can.”

Tamika Hilder, Holistic Wellness Coaching

“Gymea retreat centre provides the perfect location for work centred around healing and transformation of mind, body and soul. Not only is the environment beautiful, secluded and quiet, the energy is powerfully healing. The facilities are 5 star and the values or Gymea are aligned with an eco-friendly, loving, authentic way of being which is why we chose to use their venue. I can’t imagine a more perfectly suited venue for our retreats. Thank you so much for the love, time and energy you’ve poured into your retreat centre, as it’s tangible! We loved every single moment being there and so did our participants and we look forward to a loooong relationship with you for our retreats. I highly recommend Gymea to anybody seeking to take clients away and work deeply in a natural setting designed for healing, rejuvenation, reconnection, rest and pampering.” May 2014

William Whitecloud:

This Retreat Testimonial video was taken of William Whitecloud, author of “The Magician’s Way” and “The Last Shaman” after completing his week long Master Your Destiny (MYD) residential retreat at Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa in October 2013.

Hamilton Barnett:

This video was taken of Hamilton Barnett, creator of GLO dance and Movement Medicine outside the Octagon at Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa in August 2013.

Peter Maloney:

This Retreat Testimonial video was taken of Peter Maloney, Director and Chief Trainer of William Whitecloud Australia, filmed at the conclusion of “Alchemy For Success” in April 2013.

Gymea Retreat Testimonials:- What others are saying:

  • “Beautiful Staff, wonderful retreat nestled in the Heart of Country, Lovely Mountain, Lovely Earth, Stunning views and walks, Magnesium Pool is Heaven, food is Yummy. Massage sublime. What a Paradise!” ~ Bahar, February 2014
  • “Your Eco Retreat & Spa is one of the most beautiful locations where I have ever stayed. It was absolutely amazing. Thank you, Sonia.” ~ Maggie, February 2014
  • “Gymea is an oasis of awesomeness. Framed by the mighty power of Mount Warning the super friendly staff and jaw dropping tasty food will nourish both body and soul. You guys rock!” ~ Jonathan, December 2013
  • “Gymea retreat is a peaceful restful place to be. Love the magnesium pool and the food is yummy and wholesome” ~ Anna-Maryke, October 2013

More testimonials coming soon 🙂

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P.S.:  We are really proud to be in a position to share these testimonials with you…

P.P.S.:  These videos were filmed and compiled by Pascal, and this is service that we are now offering to our hosts from January 2014.  Please contact us for more information…

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