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Gymea Retreat Assorted Medium Resolution Photo & Image Gallery

If you are running a retreat at Gymea Retreat, please feel free to use any of these high quality medium-resolution and or any other images you can find on our website, Facebook Photos or Instagram pages in your promotional materials.  Medium resolution is between 5 – 7MB – we do have some higher resolution versions and they can be accessed via an email to us 🙂

To gain access to the higher quality image (medium resolution), simply click the “thumb-nail” images below.  This will bring up a new screen where the image will be render in it’s native size and quality.  After that all you need to do is click on the bigger image, this time you click using your “right hand mouse button” and then you will be presented with a sub-menu and you simply select “Save image as…” or “Copy image” then you can save or paste the image.  Let us know if you have any issues 🙂

Retreat Accommodation Images

DSC_2464_Gymea_Retreat_Twin_Share  DSC_2476_Gymea_Retreat_Twin_Share  DSC_2463_Gymea_Retreat_King_Bed  123_0097_Gymea_Retreat_Bathroom

Healing Spa Images

gymea_retreat_healing_spa_happy_hour  128_0884 - Gymea_Retreat_Healing_Spa_Facial_LR  DSC_6663 - Gymea_Retreat_Healing_Spa_Foot_Massage_LR  Gymea_Retreat_Massage_Body Treatment

Magnesium Pool Images

123_0850_Gymea_Retreat_Magnesium_Pool  imag1803_1  123_0369_Gymea_Retreat_Magnesium_Pool_Panorama  128_0497_Gymea_Retreat_Magnesium_Pool_V

Octagonal / Multi-purpose Hall Images

DSC_2870_Gymea_Retreat_Octagon_Yoga_MR  123_0382_Gymea_Retreat_Octagonal_Multi_Purpose_Room  DSC_4370_Gymea_Retreat_Octagon_MYD_Group_Heart_MR  131_0381_Gymea_Retreat_Octagon_Candle_Meditation

Gymea Retreat Grounds Images

  imag0008_gymea_retreat_healing_spa_sweeping_path  119_0158_gymea_retreat_bangalow_palm  DSC_5251_gymea_retreat_duck_on_the_pond  123_0104_gymea_retreat_acacia_block

Other images we like from Gymea Retreat

20151128_184217_gymea_retreat_sun_beam  128_0489_gymea_retreat_zakay_light_healing_spa  imag1837_Gymea_Retreat_Buddha

Lots more coming soon…