Ageless Body Transformation Retreat, Aug 31 – Sep 2, 2018

Ageless Body Transformation Retreat, Byron Bay Hinterland

~ true transformation occurs

Having the health and the body that you want changes your outlook on your whole life

*Do you feel stuck and in somewhat of a rut?

*Do you want the confidence to thrive in your body of health every day?

*Do you worry that staying as you are is going to lead to serious health implications?

*Do you feel the overwhelm of everyday is giving you a headache, back ache,

*Do you want to feel and look young again?

*Do you have some days where you cannot hear yourself think?

*Have you been ignoring your body and letting lifestyle habits come in that are making you tired and sick?

*Do you feel like you have been doing the right things but your body just won’t give up the extra body weight?

*Do you wake up tired?

IF you answered yes to any of these questions then this Luxury retreat is for you.

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My name is Linda Morrison and I am a body/life transformation coach and I help people over 35 develop strong concepts on how to get and keep the body and health they want through GREAT health practice.

I have been effectively transforming bodies and people’s confidence for over 25 years.

This retreat is for people whom want to step away and find a new way forward for their health, body and fitness.

ON retreat people are able to BE, let go of what they NEED to be at home and get the result they need, and desire. Without too much difficulty.

When you say YES to the Ageless Body Retreat you recieve:

*An amazing immersion experience in our own room
*All detox meals
*Linda Morrison Ageless Body teachings
*14 day cleanse before retreat and 6 week intensive online program after retreat to consolidate teachings while away
*Daily yoga/exercise or meditation classes
*All transfers to and from the airport
*Facebook support group
*Membership frequent buyers to all of the Linda Morrison memberships
*Weight loss education
*Beautiful detox food
*Re-energised body
*More knowledge to implement all you need for a healthy life
*Open spaces to relax

When your health changes, your life powers into a new and unbelievable level.

You are more confident and assured and you can simply rock your life better.

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