Professional Training, Past Life Regression, August 2015

Professional Training in Past Life Regression with Patricia L. Walsh

August 20 – 25, 2015, Gymea Eco Retreat, Mt Warning

Past Life Regression

Level One in Basic Past Life Therapy – Deep Memory Process®

The workshop will teach you methods that will enable you to facilitate deep, lasting, and life-changing healing for both yourself and your clients. The training is highly self-experiential; combining lecture, demonstration and supervised work in pairs. You will guide and receive two regressions.


What is Deep Memory Process?

Deep Memory Process® (DMP®), is a creative synthesis of present and past life regression work that draws from Freud; Reich; Psychodrama; Jung; Gestalt; Spiritual Psychology and Shamanic Healing.  Distinguished Oxford scholar and Jungian analyst, Roger Woolger PhD, created Deep Memory Process after publishing his seminal book “Other Lives,Other Selves’ in the mid 1980’s. He has been training professionals in Deep Memory Process since then, and his international training program attracts therapists and healers from all over the world. Deep Memory Process has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals and changed the way many other perform therapy and healing with their clients.

Where many therapies focus mainly on the mental level, DMP transforms body, mind, emotion and spirit simultaneously. The results for clients are profound.  Deep healing may occur in just a few sessions.

DMP© can be a valuable adjunct to the work you do with your clients. It has been shown to be highly effective in treating post-traumatic and dissociative reactions to catastrophe, violence and all forms of abuse. It is also fully applicable to states of anxiety, depression, phobias, stress, chronic pain/illness, blocked feelings, and childhood trauma, specifically working with present and past life traumatic residues embedded in the physical and subtle bodies.

There will be some Astrological Archetypal knowledge also in the workshop but not necessary for you to be an Astrologer

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