Deep Rest Retreat, Oct 28 – 31, 2016

Deep Rest Retreat, Restorative Yoga Retreat with Tracy Whitton

October 28 – 31st, 2016

Deep Rest Retreat_STM logo_ Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa Stillness Through Movement (STM) is pleased to present the Deep Rest Retreat at Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa.  The Deep Rest Retreat consists of yoga poses, pranayama and breath awareness exercises and meditation (training the mind in openness and kindness).



If you’re feeling depleted, stressed, hormonal imbalance, wanting to fall pregnant or maybe plain old 21st living!.. then this deep rest retreat is for you! Treat yourself to a retreat enriched in relaxation, stillness, warmth. As and extra cost you can indulge in a massage or a therapy session to help restore adrenal/hormonal health- for more details on the treatment menu, just ask.

Deep Rest Retreat_philosophy_ Gymea Eco Retreat & SpaThe STM technique helps restore the body/Mind connection. Stillness through movement and the Deep Rest Retreat is a process where one learns to align with ones true nature consciousness/intelligence.

Through Breath and Mind Awareness one is able to let go deeply, allowing themselves to receive the benefits of the restorative pose, bringing the body/mind back to its natural state of peace and contentment. Without this awareness one lives in a permanent state of unease, so when you practice in this way we begin to align with the ease of life.

Deep Rest Retreat_Yoga_ Gymea Eco Retreat & SpaA sample day on the Deep Rest Retreat day would look like this:

6.30 Gentle GiGong
7.30 Breakfast
8.30 Conscious Connection & Movement
9.30 Introduction to Pranayama – breathing techniques to calm the nervous system. Tracy Whitton
10.30 Stillness Through Movement Yoga – Deep Rest class or Hormonal Balance class or Stillness class. Tracy Whitton
12.30 lunch
1.30 Treatments and Free time
3.30 Afternoon tea
4.30 Some days we will have a self-paced “Deep relaxation” class
6pm Dinner
7pm Meditation

Program subject to change

Deep Rest Retreat_Wisdom_ Gymea Eco Retreat & SpaEach day of the retreat we will experience; pranayama sessions, deeply nourishing sessions of ‘stillness through movement, Qi Gong and Meditation. Some days we will do “conscious walking” through the beautiful bush of Gymea. All meals, program, Magnesium pool and accommodation is included in the one price. You have a 1 hour day spa and foot massage included in your cost, however you may like to have a private treatment in either; Massage, Specialty treatments or Day Spa session, then this would be extra.

For more details: see our website

Retreat is group is capped to 16 guests which ensures maximum personal attention.