Retreat Centre Pricing

Gymea Retreat Centre Pricing 2022

Gymea Retreat is a dedicated residential retreat centre that serves retreat host and groups with a conscious group retreat environment that is eco-friendly and close to nature.  Our team is committed providing the best sustainable, transformative, nurturing and healing retreat experience for our hosts and guests to enjoy.

Our Retreat Centre is provided on an exclusive-use basis, which means that you and your group don’t need to worry about sharing your accommodation or our large Octagonal multi-purpose Hall or Dining Facilities with anyone else.  The Retreat Centre does however, share the space with the Gymea Healing Spa, which offers Sauna, Steam Room, Hydrotherapy Spa, Magnesium Plunge Pool, Organic facials and body treatments with dedicated and experienced staff.   Gymea Healing Spa operates in concert with the Retreat Centre and can be booked and utilised by you and your group.  The Healing Spa is also open to the general public on an appointment only basis, which allows us to manage its utilisation for the comfort and happiness of all parties.  Click here for more information about the Gymea Retreat Healing Day Spa.

Gymea Retreat Centre Pricing – How it works

Once you have established that the dates you want are available by checking our current availability , it is necessary to pay a deposit to secure your booking.  For more information on booking please see making a booking. Please also make sure you read and are familiar with our cancellation & rescheduling policy

Below is our 3 night retreat centre pricing, and this accommodation pricing includes other Retreat Facilities (Kitchen, Dining Room, Octagon, Magnesium Pool and access to Walking Tracks). Exclusions for this are Healing Spa Services, Catering, and fire preparation services.

Please note that 4-nights is our minimum stay in 2022.  Pricing below is for 3 nights.  If you wish to come for 4 or more nights, please contact the Retreat Centre as we would be delighted to provide you with some preferential pricing to help to ensure that your retreat booking provide good value for money and affordability.

Please also note this pricing model is based on a minimum of 16 guests*  Groups under 16 participants incur a fee of $300 per day.

* 16 Guests includes all your retreat guests, facilitators & support staff staying on-site

2022 Group Retreat Centre Pricing – 3-Nights

Accommodation:  All of our accommodation rooms are equipped with luxury eco inner sprung latex topped single or king beds.
All bedding, manchester, bathroom and room accessories meet biodynamic, organic or oeko-tex certification standards.
Each room includes a shower and toilet.

Retreat Guest Accommodation:

Guest Twin Share (Shared room, Two single beds) $136 per person per night*
Guest Couple Share (Shared room, King bed) $136 per person per night*
Guest King Single (Private room, King bed) $193 per person per night*

Facilitator & Support Staff Accommodation:

We require that a minimum of one facilitation staff member stay on site for the duration of your retreat as a duty of care to the on-site guests. We recommend that facilitation staff have a room on their own to support them in holding the space and running the retreat.  To that end and in consideration of costs we offer the following preferential pricing to retreat hosts and their staff:

Facilitator Twin Share (Shared room, Two single beds) $113 per person per night*
Facilitator King Single (Private room, King Bed) $168 per person per night*

Contact us to discuss your specific retreat requirements, so that we can tailor a package to meet the needs of your retreat and your guests.
* prices assume a 3 night stay.  If  you are planning a retreat for 4 nights or more, please contact us so we can provide you with our “longer stay” pricing options, which reward longer duration retreats :-) with reduced charges that help make longer retreats more practical and affordable for you and your guests.

Information about this pricing:

– Pricing is inclusive of GST, made on a per person per night basis and includes kitchen and octagon fee
– Pricing assumes 16 or more guests (including facilitators).  Retreats of less than 16 guests incur a facility hire fee of $300 per day
– Pricing is based on your group coming to stay for 3 Nights.  Any changes to the duration of your planned retreat may cause a change in your pricing.  The more nights you stay the better the discount or incentive that we offer
– Pricing excludes: catering, other healing spa treatment services, non-residential guests and extras such as guided walks, fire preparation; all of which we would be delighted to discuss with you.  (note: links below)

Retreat Centre Pricing – Facilities: 

We are pleased to offer Retreat Groups with use of the following Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa facilities:

Kitchen, Dining & Octagonal Hall included for all retreat guests & staff
20m therapeutic magnesium pool included for all retreat guests & staff
Healing Spa Services** See Healing Spa Menu
** Note Healing Spa Services need to be specified well in-advance of your retreat to allow us to arrange and coordinate appropriate staff and services.  Please be aware that some treatments may not always be available.  Please call us to discuss 🙂

Retreat Centre Pricing – Catering:  

Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa does not provide catering at this time, however we are delighted to assist you in arranging catering for your group by putting you in contact with our catering co-creators, who specialise in creating wonderful, healthy menus of your choosing.

Retreat Centre Pricing – Other Services & Facilities:

Use of walking tracks                              self guided Included for all retreat guest & staff
Use of Fire Ceremony Area *** self manage Free, but you do all the work 🙂
  – Fire preparation *** we prep fire $60: you light & extinguish the fire
*** arranged by prior agreement

Note: Timing for fires is dependent upon guidance from the Rural Fire Service, and most recently fires have been allowed between April 1st, and August 31st.  Please discuss and remind us of your fire wishes well before you arrive, so we can all be well prepared :-).  Previous retreat hosts have found that fire ceremonies can work really well and add a great dimension ~ definitely worth considering.

Day visitors for residential retreats:      $40 pp per day

All Retreat Centre Pricing includes GST.