Limitless Retreat with Steve Jack, 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2013

What can you expect from a Limitless Retreat?

Limitless is a program that merges ancient wisdom with modern science, and explores eastern philosophy through a western lens, and packages it in a usable way so that you may apply the principles and use the tools for the immediate benefit of your own life, and the lives of others whom you choose to influence. Welcome to a World of Possibility Understand the awakening process and discover your life’s purpose Learn how to work with energy and understand your personal energy field Learn accelerated behavior change tools and clearing techniques Reprogram your mind and energy field for success. Learn how to let go of inner conflicts and step into your highest potential Understand the physics of creating your ideas into reality.

Steve Jack is a leading mind, body and energy coach, an international bestselling author having been inducted into the bestsellers hall of fame. With a background in Physical Education, Psychology and Energy Healing he is considered an expert in health, well-being and performance. For over 18 years he has been working with clients helping them to achieve breakthrough goals in health, well-being, weight loss, sports performance. He works globally with individuals and organizations helping them develop breakthrough performance.

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