Radiant Woman, A Mother Daughter Rite of Passage Retreat, Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2019

September 30th – October 3, 2019 Radiant Woman, a Mother Daughter Rite of Passage Retreat

Are you the mother of a teenage girl?
Are you ready to transform your relationship with your teenage daughter as she matures into adulthood?
Do you yearn to connect with other mothers and feel supported?
Would you love to strengthen the bond you have with your daughter forever?
Would she love to gain more freedom and be recognised as the independent woman she is becoming?

If yes, then this Mother Daughter Retreat is for YOU!!!

We are excited to bring you a Mother Daughter Retreat that is fun and engaging for teenage girls and at the same time supportive, nurturing and relaxing for mothers. 

We understand that girls need peer-connection, excitement and challenge and we have designed this retreat to provide all this as well as a process of evolution from girl to woman.

This transformational process creates a positive shift in the relationship dynamic between you and your daughter, and throughout the retreat you are supported through this transition.

You will leave the retreat renewed and energized, and your daughter will leave
with a new sense of who she is as a confident, beautiful young woman.

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For more information, please see Radiant Woman, a mother daughter rite of passage retreat