Discover Your Higher Truth Retreat, Feb 28 – Mar 4, 2015

Eternal Spirit Seminars presents Discover Your Higher Truth Retreat,

A 4-Day Life Changing Event

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Held at the luxury Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa at the base of Mt Warning, NSW
28th February – 4th March 2015

Success is no longer measured by what we were taught it to be – that is, to look for success outside of ourselves instead of within. Once we achieve external success, we are still left wanting. The irony is that the path to genuine and fulfilling success requires a turning inwards to discover clarity and truth. This is what brings true happiness and inner peace.

Discover Your Higher Truth Retreat is a 4-day experiential event combining a profound transformation and realignment of your energy and a deep-seated shift in your mindset system to remove old paradigms, habits and patterns to clear a path for you to reconnect with your Truth. The event structure is especially designed for people who have achieved success yet feel unhappy, unsatisfied, lost or confused.

ES_MandNEditedFacilitators for this 4-day event, Michela D’Addario and Nathan Wellington say “Successful people are finding themselves increasingly confused about the best way forward and this is resulting in high levels of stress. More and more people who are used to having the answers are coming to us because they are lacking clarity about important aspects of their lives and their purpose. What is important to people is changing.”



The transcendent combination of mind, body, spirit and energy strategies over the 4-day “Discover Your Truth” event effectively integrates your higher self awareness into your day-to-day life so you can continue to grow and expand your consciousness, providing you clarity, truth and purpose in a rapidly changing world.

Our intention with Eternal Spirit is to help you align with your personal truth so you can return to your sphere of influence with a brighter more expansive and inspired light. We are not a spiritual community. There are no gurus and no followers. All our guidance and support is for the express purpose of you connecting more deeply with your Higher Self – your inner guru!

Your 4 day, Discover Your Higher Truth Retreat will include

  • Chakra Ascension to Higher Consciousness
  • Ayurvedic Meals for Nourishment of the Body and Soul
  • Tai Chi for your Spiritual Body
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Meditation and more
  • please see ‘our approach’ section on our website for further information

“My work with Michela and Nathan was immensely transformational. It’s had to capture in words, and must be experienced. Both Michela and Nathan have extraordinary insight. They had a refined ability to see into the heart of my self-limiting patterns and ignited my capacity to change these patterns. This experience helped me identify and reconnect to my truth and strengths, take risks and trust myself, start a new business that correlated with my values and get on track creatively and physically. Through this process I gained the confidence to make decisions that make room for my passion, are in tune with my energy levels, and honour my needs.”
– Genevieve Kenneally, Transformational Counsellor, New York.

This 4-day life-changing event, held at the Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa located at the base of Mt Warning in an area known as “the green cauldron”, includes accommodation with luxury organic bedding, chef prepared ayurvedic meals and a detoxifying magnesium pool set amongst an idyllic World Heritage listed rainforest.

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