Gymea Retreat NSW – News for February 2013

Dear Lovely Gymea Guests, Friends, Family and Facebook Followers,

We hope you had a lovely Christmas break, and that you have all recovered from the wild and woolly weather that has been hitting the east coast in the past week!

Gymea Day Spa is now open for 2013, and many are enjoying our beautiful Magnesium pool along with their Spa Session. Remember bookings are essential!

Gymea Retreat is filling up with transformative workshops and retreats and we are very grateful and excited to have the opportunity to be hosting these.

Over the coming months there will be a Natural Instinct Healing Detox Retreat, and Magician’s Way Workshops. Our non residential events include Full Moon Bhajans with Elias Fisher, and more nurturing, energy filled Synthesis workshops.

We are also really excited to now have Australian Bush Flower Essence workshops at Gymea; the first we are hosting will be the Women’s Wellbeing One Day Workshop, in March.  Please see below for more details.

Day Spa News & February Special

All our Synthesis Products are HALF PRICE while stocks last!

If you’ve had one of our First Love Organic Facials you know how beautiful these products are!

The Synthesis Vision: Our vision is to promote conscious beauty, so naturally we adhere to the meticulous process of creating products that are certified organic, cruelty free, vegan, sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are proud to have gained endorsements from independent authorities and a growing worldwide movement demanding accountability, integrity and care.

The heart of organics honours every part of this process – from the planting of the first seed, to the moment you are touched by the energy of real life imbued within our products. We celebrate the radiance of your natural beauty and your conscious choice to be part of making a difference.

Your invitation to ONE DAY WORK SHOP:

Women’s Well Being & Australian Bush Flower Essences

Tuesday 12th March:

Lecturer: Linn Wiggins Dip. Herb. Med. RN. ATMS

This one day workshop will teach a woman how to easily and effectively use the Australian Bush Flower Essences to help her achieve emotional and spiritual balance in the following areas of her life:

  • Menstruation
  • Relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Family Planning
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy and Birthing
  • Motherhood
  • Body Image
  • The Wounded Feminine
  • The Workplace
  • Menopause
  • Common Health issues
  • Graceful ageing

Tuesday 12th March 2013 9.30am to 6.00pm Registration: 9.00am

$175.00 if prepaid by 18th February 2013 (or $199 thereafter), (Prices include morning/afternoon tea and 10% GST.) Group discounts and other discounts are available.

Call Natasha at Gymea 02 6679-5555 to book.

 Continuing Practitioner Education:

This course accrues the following points with these nationally recognised professional practitioner bodies:

ANTA 7 points

ATMS 3 points

The Usual Day Spa Guff….

Opening hours:            10 am – 2 pm   Tues – Sat

Discounts available for group bookings (6 or more). We are also open to hosting group bookings after hours.

Bookings Are Essential!

Use of Magnesium Pool (2hrs):

$10 per person or

$25 per family

Products For Sale:

  • Synthesis Products at half price until all current stock sold
  • Zakay Glass Scuptures: POA
  • Sacred Geometry Pendants: starting from $55
  • Teapots with warmer: $45
  • Gift Vouchers

Friday 15 – Sunday 24th February 2013

Natural Instinct Healing’s  Fasting Detox Retreat

The Simply Renew program focuses on detox and cleansing through fasting. Whilst you are fasting, your body will be purged of long-term accumulated toxins and acid wastes which are affecting its ability to absorb nutrients and potentially adding to dis-ease in your body.  As the toxic load reduces the functioning of every cell in your body is enhanced, which makes Simply Renew a very powerful tool in eliminating disease processes in the body, building up energy, strength and vitality and assisting in weight loss.  Using specific high quality natural supplements and practitioner prescribed herbs, the toxins literally get “pulled out” via the body’s elimination pathways – Colon, skin, Kidneys, Liver, lungs and lymph nodes.

For more details:

Saturday 2nd – Thursday 7th March 2013

Deep Rest Retreat

Stillness Through Movement consists of yoga poses, pranayama and breath awareness exercises and meditation (training the mind in openness and kindness). The technique helps restore the body/Mind connection. Stillness through movement is a process where one learns to align with ones true nature consciousness/intelligence. Through Breath and Mind Awareness one is able to let go deeply, allowing themselves to receive the benefits of the restorative pose, bringing the body/mind back to its natural state of peace and contentment. Without this awareness one lives in a permanent state of unease, so when you practice in this way we begin to align with the ease of life.

If you’re feeling depleted, stressed, hormonally imbalanced, wanting to fall pregnant or maybe just plain tired!.. then this retreat is for you!

For more details: